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AMD&E Technicians saved the day. A quick fix kept us in production until we could do a proper rebuild during planned downtime.

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We Keep Factories Running Smoothly

Uptime is the key to achieving optimum productivity. AMD&E offers comprehensive solutions for machine repairs and upgrades to keep your machines and factory running consistently at peak performance.

With The Right Stuff

The right tools, the right experience and the right team to tackle any challenge. We can repair machinery in the field, or in our modern full-service repair shop offering metrology, reverse engineering, and machine shop services to further enhance our capability to get and keep you in production.

Plus Built in Lifecycle Management

We offer AM&DE’s 360° Support Program to ensure your factory and machinery are optimized throughout their full lifecycle, including retrofits and complete rebuilds that transform your vintage iron into totally modern and reliable machines.

The Right Experience

Our professional staff has in-depth experience with mission critical repairs.

The Right Staff

Work is performed by skilled craftsmen who understand how to get you back into production.

The Right Tools

We have the tools and technology to ensure repairs achieve proper precision and performance.

In-House Repair Services

  • Machine & Equipment Repairs
  • Machine Upgrades and add-ons
  • Ballscrew replacements
  • Rack and pinion replacements
  • Gearbox rebuilds
  • Bearing and seal replacements
  • Guideway replacements
  • Way Scraping
  • Turcite replacement
  • Tool changer and chip conveyor repair
  • Way cover repair or replacement
  • Scale and Encoder replacement
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Alignment and Calibration

Spindle Repairs

  • Spindle repairs
  • Motor and coupling repair
  • Belt drive repair
  • Rotary union repair
  • Gripper repair and pull force repair

Onsite Repair and Onsite Services

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Machine & Equipment Repairs
  • Equipment Installation or replacement
  • Drive System and Guide System repair
  • Electrical Repair
  • Machine Leveling & Alignment
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Lubrication system repairs
  • Pump and Motor replacement

Electrical & Control Repairs

  • Electrical and wiring repairs
  • CNC and HMI Replacement
  • Servo drive and spindle drive replacement
  • Handheld pendant and push button repairs
  • Safety Interlock Repairs

Guideway Renovation
Way and gib replacement and upgrade.

Gearbox Rebuilds
Driveline renovations including new gears, bearings, seals.

Machine Component Repair
Machine element repair, replacement, and upgrades including ballscrews, bearings, linear guide rails, timing belts, and other critical machine components.

Trucite Replacement and Scraping

Trucite Replacement and Scraping
AMD&E Expert technicians are masters at refurbishing machine slide ways and saddles to better than new conditions. Applying new Turcite and hand scraping ensures that machines are accurately aligned and precise.

Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair
Our technicians can replace electrical components such as drives, break out boards, and any other control components to keep your machinery running. If replacement is not an option, our technicians can also repair circuit boards and electrical components.

Power Transmission Repair or Replacement

Power Transmission Repair or Replacement
Power transmission rebuilds and replacements improve machine reliability.

Markets We Serve

Space, Aerospace, Defense, Military

Space, Aerospace, Defense, Military



Clean Water, Food & Beverage

Clean Water, Food & Beverage

Biotech, Life Sciences, Agri Science

Biotech, Life Sciences, Agri Science

Healthcare Equipment

Healthcare Equipment

Agriculture, Off-Highway & Automotive Machinery

Agriculture, Off-Highway & Automotive Machinery

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General Manufacturing & Industry

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