Turn Key Engineering & Analysis

AMD&E works with smaller engineering firms, machine shops, automation companies, and mold and die shops that benefit from our unique, practical engineering solutions. More


Every company is looking for ways to reduce manufacturing costs. We manage the entire process on time, on budget, and with the highest level of quality and service. More

Test and Verification

We understand the rigors of testing and verification to meet program demands. Quality is the goal of AMD&E's testing and verification services. More

Contracting Manufacturing

Accelerated Machine Design and Engineering’s contract manufacturing service is highly unique due to the company’s “go-to” market strategy. More

Protech Design & Manufacturing is now part of AMD&E's comprehensive service and manufacturing offerings. More

Project Management

Project management is fundamentally a problem-solving process. Our project team becomes an integral part of your business to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. More


Most companies have experienced the problem of needing short-term technical expertise. Bringing in AMD&E can cut days, weeks, or even months off a project schedule. More

Markets We Serve

Energy Energy   Aerospace Aerospace   Medical Medical   Automotive Automotive   Defense Defense