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Engineering Organization

Our goal is to provide you with 360-degree-support for all product-related processes, from the first product idea through design and manufacture to product service. We take a product lifecycle management (PLM) approach to our engineering organization. PLM integrates people, data, processes, and business systems with our cutting-edge tools for design, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing planning. Our combined experience with understanding of the nuances of multiple disciplines helps optimize your product developing processes and systems to speed products to market. You can tackle complex processes and consistently create the best possible products, capture greater market share, and increase customer satisfaction.

Feasibilities Studies

The feasibility study is a critical step in the system design or machine design cycle. A properly conducted feasibility study may be the best investment you ever make. It answers the essential question of “Is the proposed project idea technically or economically feasible?” AMD&E has extensive knowledge of the engineering sciences, production methods, and materials and how they are used.

Production Planning

The more complex your production processes, the more challenging it is to get things produced. With AMD&E manufacturing planning, you achieve high productivity levels and product volumes your customers demand. We make it easy to keep customer service levels high. You can manage your inventory more efficiently and reduce operational costs.

Cost Analysis and Cost Reduction

In today’s competitive world, companies are struggling to maintain profits and healthy bottom lines amid rising costs for fuel, raw materials, and human resources. Cost reduction can be achieved through reduction, elimination, or modification of manufacturing activities. Through in-depth analysis, AMD&E determines the best and least costly path for each manufacturing activity.

Manufacturing and Assembly Assistance

If you need assistance in figuring out the best way to improve and automate your manufacturing and assembly processes, do what other successful companies have done: let our engineers apply our expertise to help. Our consulting approach emphasizes the development of processes and implementation of technologies and equipment that deliver manufacturing flexibility and agility.

Patent and Copyright Assistance

We can help an individual inventor or company approach the daunting task of patent application and copyright protection on the path to realizing your idea’s full potential. We provide interdisciplinary patenting resources coupled with operational business development support.

Application Engineering

Our application engineering service aids customers in understanding the technical details of system design and specific product applications. We evaluate key performance characteristics to ensure design validation throughout the design process to tie together leading-edge technologies with your applications and instruments.

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