Case Studies

The case studies on this page offer insight into how we have solved problems for our customers and showcase how we might be of service to you.

At AMD&E we offer a blend of high-level engineering and analysis combined with production-based detail design, as well as single source manufacturing and assembly. This cross-disciplinary approach allows us to solve problems on an accelerated schedule and at a cost that won’t bust your budget.

We ask you to review our case studies and invite you to contact us to learn more.

Expert Reverse Engineering Elicits Technical Data Necessary for Certification of Single-Use Bioreactor Systems

Therapeutic Proteins International (TPI)

Therapeutic Proteins International (TPI) develops generic versions of biological drugs whose patent protection has either expired or is expiring soon. Its patented MayaBio® single-use bioreactors enable bacterial proteins to be manufactured in two-dimensional plastic bags in a completely disposable system. TPI needed proper documentation to pass the certification before the systems would be commercially viable. A complete set of engineering documents defines a product’s scope, function, and requirements. The Accelerated team accumulated all of the technical data and instructions of how the products operate. More

Custom-Engineered Drill-Tap Machine Keeps Production Moving Along

To keep production moving, TC Industries, a Crystal Lake, Ill.-based steel processor turned to Accelerated Machine Design & Engineering to design and build a custom machine for their production line, to drill and tap holes in steel bars at the same pace as the existing equipment. More

New Spindle Units Help Global Manufacturer Realize Productivity Gains

AMD&E was able to extract significant performance improvements from an existing CNC horizontal machining center for Bourn & Koch, Inc. in Rockford, Illinois. The retrofitted machine enabled Houston, Texas based Dresser-Rand to achieve higher productivity without a major capital investment for a completely new machine tool. More