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Improving ROI and adding Measurable Value to Your Build to Print and Assembly Projects

Accelerated Machine Design and Engineering’s contract manufacturing service is highly unique due to the company’s “go-to” market strategy. As a highly skilled Design and Engineering Solutions Provider, AMD&E’s culture is to look for “Maximum Impact” in every project we undertake. By utilizing our experience in several industries, our clients benefit from a cross reference of innovation, technology and expertise not typically available internally. We are experts in Lean Manufacturing and DMAIC/Six Sigma principles that continuously monitor all facets of production and best practices to control timing, costs, and quality, while never compromising project goals.

AMD&E’s contract manufacturing is supported by a comprehensive refinement strategy that has supported major breakthroughs for several highly complex projects. When advancements in product development are required, AMD&E, through the collaboration with our clients, ultimately arrives at a level of innovation that ensures the project’s success. By arriving at the root problem quicker, AMD&E’s clients are able to make critical decisions with the highest degree of confidence. Our clients have found this process highly effective in producing a marketplace advantage and competitive edge for their products.

Capabilities: Micro to Macro

When considering AMD&E for your “Build-to-Print” products, know that we are more than capable of handling “Micro to Macro” projects. We have vast experience with Micro machining in the Life Sciences and General industry. Our engineers are very familiar with multiple axes Micro Machines that are capable of producing features down to 0.0002-gauge quality fixtures, parts and assemblies.

When it comes to larger Macro projects, our teams experience is as well rounded. AMD&E’s portfolio includes many successful projects in the Aerospace Industry such as Wing Spar and Stringer manufacturing as well as large Gas Turbine Components for the Energy Industry. Review our Case Studies and you will see the scope of our capabilities.

Our Process is Rapid, Rigorous and Reliable

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your part/product needs. Our experience in managing high-end, high-quality build to print and assembly projects gives us the ability to offer you a “Rapid, Rigorous and Reliable” outsource supplier alternative. Maximum Impact for Maximum ROI is our goal! Contact us today.

Build to Print & Part Manufacturing

  • Single Source Solution for Complex Manufactured Parts Requiring Multiple Operations and Routings
  • Prototype, Pilot, and Production Capabilities
  • Fixturing and Tool-Up Capabilities
  • Validation and Reporting to Multiple Agency Requirements
  • Inspection & Verification
  • Traceability
  • Material Certification
  • Testing

Assembly and Subassembly Services

  • Single Source, Single Purchase-0rder Solutions
  • Build to Print and Design-Build of Mechatronic Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Pneumatic Systems
  • Prototype, Pilot, and Production Capabilities
  • Procurement, Manufacturing, Assembly, and Quality Control of Pre-Engineered Systems
  • Electrical Panel and Industrial Enclosure Build Capabilities
  • PCB, Cable Harness, and Connectorization Capabilities

Rapid Prototyping

  • Quick-Turn Solutions
  • Additive and Subtractive Capabilities
  • Plastic, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous
  • Individual Components and Assemblies

Crating and Shipping Capabilities

  • Packaging and Crating of Assemblies & Subassemblies
  • International Shipping Capable
  • Kitting and Phased Shipping Capable of High-Volume Assemblies

Your Partner for Modern Fixture & Tooling Technology

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